DFCS4100 PMS Backup Power Management System

DFCS4100 PMS is designed to monitor status and control settings for all UPS, battery string and server room environments. With multiple functions such as real-time data collection, historical data checking, report generating, real-time alert etc.

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▸ Power management: monitor the operating status of the power supply, monitor its voltage, current, frequency, switch status, working mode, etc.
▸ Battery diagnosis: real-time monitoring battery voltage, internal resistance, temperature, SOC, SOH
▸ Remote control: with remote capacity verification function, remote measurement of internal resistance, remote shutdown of UPS and other management functions
▸ Thermal runaway management: According to the temperature rise during battery charging and discharging, the environmental temperature, current, SOH and other parameters are used for thermal runaway management
▸ Data analysis: Assess to history data , Charge & discharge graphs and faulty alarm records etc.
▸ Alarm management: Manage Set point alarm for multi-site and large-scale projects and send out alarm through SMS, APP, phone, email, sound and light, etc.

Product Applications

Distribution room


Radar Station

Telecom Base Station

Railway Transport

Mnedical Institutio

Airport Emergency
Power Supply

Chemical Plant

Pain Points for the Industry

Multiple sites,
high cost of maintenance

  • Distributed sites
  • Long distances
  • high labor cost
  • waste of time

Offline management,
Can’t send out alarm on time

  • Battery thermal runaway 
  • Abnormal Impedance 
  • Abnormal connection

Manual inspection,
poor maintenance

  • Inefficiency
  • Poor timeliness
  • Easily missed inspection with wrong data


System Feature

Strong Expansion

Powerful modular expansion development, Support Remote upgrade

Intelligent Maintenance

Receive immediate alarm notification Check data anytime locally or through Mobile APP

Central System

Manage all of your battery with one contralized system B/S Structure, easy to inquiry data anytime and anywhere

High Capacity

Support 100,000+ batteries online monitoring

Multiple Protocol


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