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PBAT-Gate Battery Monitoring Gateway for Small-scale Data Center

Integrated by both web system and hardware devices, the PBAT-Gate Battery Monitoring System provides a 24/7/365 real-time view of lead-acid battery health and data analysis by reports, which allows you to make quick responses to battery issues.

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▸ Built-in Web Server
▸ With Data Management and Data Report
▸ Real-time Monitoring 1~4 Strings, Max. 480pcs Batteries
▸ Data logging for all measuring data for 12 months
▸ Charge and Discharge Current
▸ Internal Temperature, Impedance
▸ String Voltage & Current, Cell Battery Voltage, SOC, SOH (upper limit / lower limit)
▸ Support 4G sending SMS alarm
▸ Auto-balancing

Battery Type
Lead Acid Battery
Data Center, UPS
Operating System
Embedded Linux
512MB flash, 8G TF memory card
Total Strings
1~4 Strings
Cell Voltage
2V (1.6~2.6V)           6V (4.8~10V)           12V (7.5~15.6V)
Sleeping Mode
4 RS485 Serial ports, 2 Ethernet ports (4CL), 2 RS485 Serial ports, 2 Ethernet ports (2ZL)
Communication Protocol
SNMP, Modbus TCP
Gateway: 650g          String Sensor: 400g          Battery Sensor: 120g
1200bps ~ 115200bps
Sensor LED Indicates
Green: Normal Status             Red: Abnormal Status
Local Display and Operation (Optional), 7″ inch Touch-Screen
Operation Temperature
-15℃ ~ + 55℃
Operation Humidity
10% ~ 95% Non-condensing

DFUN PBAT-Gate Battery Monitoring Solution

PBAT-Gate - Lead Acid Battery Monitor


▸Accessible to login system through LAN on web page

▸Remotely login & monitor through WAN on web page

▸Accessible to login system both locally and remotely on web page

System Structure

PBAT-GATE System Structure is made for monitoring lead-acid battery and small data center. It includes the PBAT-Gate BMS System, HMI-GATE, PBAT-GATE, and PBAT600. PBAT600 is like a stethoscope to examine the condition of the battery. The whole set system can facilitate customers to monitor their battery.

What is included?

Smart Gateway—PBAT-GATE
  • Data Management & Report
Battery String Sensor—PBAT600PRO
  • Monitor Battery String Voltage, Charge and Discharge Current, SOC, SOH etc.
Battery Cell Sensor—PBAT61
  • Monitor Individual Battery Voltage, Internal Temperature, Impedance

Cell Sensor Hardware Structure

There is a carefully structured system inside the battery cell sensor to monitor individual battery voltage, internal temperature (negative pole), impedance (Ohmic Value), and balance battery automatically.

Project Reference


DFUN TECH adopts the egg-shaped packaging, which enjoys an obvious feature of resisting shock. That is to say, our battery monitoring devices can be protected well and surely brings customers fully functional products in good shape.

  • Cabinet for Cabinet for Pre – install and Pre – wiring
  • on – time delivery.
  • Available shipping way
  • Unique packaging to anti drop & collision.
  • One – to – One wire packaging
  • Reinforce Packaging

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