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DFPM971 IoT Multifunction Power Meter

DFPM971 IoT Multifunction Power Meter support 4G / LoRa Wireless Communication, P2P Remote Configuration & Free Maintenance, Multiple Platform Transmission, Data Cache & Retransmit etc.

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▸ Full Parameter Measuring and Power Quality Monitoring
▸ Measure and alarm for residual current and cable temperature
▸ 7 days Data Cache & Retransmit
▸ 10 sec. keep working to posting POWER-OFF alarm
▸ 1 sec. real-time data upload
▸ 4G / LoRa / RS485
▸ P2P remote configuration & free maintenance
▸ Phase-sequence auto adjustment
▸ Split core CT for easy installation

DFUN DFPM971 IoT Multifunction Power Meter


– voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, frequency, active
energy, reactive energy , apparent energy, voltage
and current phase angle, cable temperature, residual
current, switch detection
– Latest 10 years, 12 months, 31 days historical energy
– Standard 1 RS485 and 1 infrared communication
– 4G / LoRa optional, support Modbus, Http, Mqtt
communication etc, support Modbus-RTU and
Modbus-TCP, register is definable
– Support break-point transfer
Power Quality Analysis
Three phase voltage/current, 63rd harmonic analysis, voltage/current unbalance
Demand Calculation
– Maximum and real-time demand of power and current
– Real-time demand, daily and monthly max. demand
Setpoint Alarm
Support alarming of over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current,
under-current, lost phase, power over limit, over temperature,
leakage current and power failure with SOE time record.

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