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DFPM201 DC Multi-Channel Energy Meter

DFPM20D specially designs for telecommunication base station application to calculating power consumption, measuring DC device electricity.It is the smallest DC multi-channel Energy Meter with a compact design, consists of main module and measure module.

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▸ Small Size – Can be installed at the closest point, integrate into existing space
▸ Easy Installation – Consist of a main module and measure module, connected by PLbus Daisy chain bus topology and RJ12 port, measure
module straight insert into the circuit breaker
▸ High Accuracy – Voltage & Current class 0.5, kWh class 1.0
▸ – 48VDC Power Supply – Special design for Telecom BTS application
▸ Wide Measurement Range – Max. support 63A direct connect, no need for extra Hall Sensor or Shunt
▸ Multi-Circuit – Support 12 single phase circuit

DFUN DFPM201 Multi-Channel DC Energy Meter

12 Channel
Energy Meter

Small Size Design
Single Phase / Three Phase
63A Direct Input

Typical Connection

Technical Specification

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