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PBMS2000 for Battery Monitoring Master for Telecom

PBMS2000, equipped with a battery health monitoring system, is specifically designed to monitor backup batteries at telecommunication sites where the power system is in 24VDC or 48VDC.

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▸ Monitor Battery String Voltage, Charge, and Discharge Current
▸ Calculate Battery String SOC
▸ Auto-Balancing
▸ Auto-sensing for the Battery Sensor’s ID Address
▸ Setpoint Alarming (Upper Limit / Lower Limit)
▸ Data Collecting
▸ Data Uploading Function via Build-in RS485 (Modbus-RTU) & Ethernet (Modbus-TCP or SNMP)
▸ View Battery String Status: Equalizing, Discharging, Floating Charge, Stand by and Abnormal Status

Battery Type
Lead Acid Battery
Base Transceiver Station(BTS)
Testing Software
Check the Health of Battery Status
Rated Input Voltage
24VDC or 48VDC Range: 20V ~ 60VDC
Total Strings
1~2 Strings
Up-link Communication
1 RS485 port,Modbus-RTU protocol,Baudrate: 9600bps, 19200bps, 38400bps
Down-link Communication
2 RJ11 ports, each port connect Max. 60pcs batteries, total Max. 120pcs batteries
Cell Voltage
2V (1.6~2.6V)                      12V (7.5~15.6V)
Sleeping Mode
4 RS485 Serial ports, 2 Ethernet ports (4CL), 2 RS485 Serial ports, 2 Ethernet ports (2ZL)
Communication Protocol
SNMP, Modbus TCP
String Sensor: 400g             Battery Sensor: 120g
1200bps ~ 115200bps
Sensor LED Indicates
Green: Normal Status          Red: Abnormal Status
Local Display and Operation (Optional), 7″ inch Touch-Screen
Operation Temperature
-15℃ ~ + 55℃
Operation Humidity
10% ~ 95% Non-condensing

DFUN PBMS2000 Battery Monitoring Solution

PBMS2000 with Battery Health Monitoring System

Battery health monitoring system-PBMS2000 enjoys various features and advantages, making it can be applied widely.

  • Base Transceiver Station
  • Communication Base Station
  • Radar Station
  • Photovoltaic Substation
  • 48V DC Station

System Structure

PBMS2000 System Structure includes the DFCS4100 Smart Power System, PBMS2000 monitoring module, and PBAT61. A battery cell sensor is like a stethoscope to monitor the health of the battery and alarm users when anything goes wrong. It is of great convenience and necessity for customers to own PBMS2000.

Master Hardware Structure

Cell Sensor Hardware Structure

Project Reference


  • Cabinet for Cabinet for Pre – install and Pre – wiring
  • on – time delivery.
  • Available shipping way
  • Unique packaging to anti drop & collision.
  • One – to – One wire packaging
  • Reinforce Packaging

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