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Battery Monitoring Solution for Industry

Industry Solution

Real-time online monitoring, timely identification of outdated and failed batteries.Multi-site centralized monitoring, distributed structure, convenient installation and maintenance, Real-time remote monitoring + mobile APP intelligent management.

Case Study

Industry Solution

What is the different between DFPE1000 & DFPE3000?

DFPE1000 Backup Power Monitoring Gateway


▸ All-in-One, Monitor UPS/EPS, Battery, and Server Room Environment
▸ B/S structure, Build-in Web Server, achieve HTTP access
▸ Support Multiple Communication Protocol (SNMP, MODBUS-TCP, 4G) to Upload Data to 3rd Party System
▸ HMI for Local Display and Operation
▸ Auto-Sensing for Battery Sensor’s ID address, Save Engineering Time
▸ Support SMS for remote alarm, sound-light for local alarm
▸ Support on-line upgrade for easy technical support
▸ Anti-Interference Design to protect from UPS ripple interference, ensure stable operation
▸ 35mm DIN Rail Mount, can easily install at the site, no need for extra cabinet

DFPE3000 Backup Power Monitoring Gateway


▸ Monitor UPS/EPS, batteries, energy meter, precise air conditioners, temperature and humidity, water leakage, smoke etc.
▸ Real-time monitoring individual battery voltage, impedance, temperature, SOC, SOH, string voltage, current, SOC, charge and discharge status, and UPS/EPS input, output data and operating status
▸ Built-in webpage
▸ With 8GB memory, can store historical data  more than 1 year, and support 32G/TF card (optional)
▸ Support Ethernet Modbus-Tcp protocol, SNMP, 4G (optional)
▸ Multiple alarm methods with SMS, sound and light, or email alarm
▸ Online balancing

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