Battery Monitoring Solution for Telecom

Telecom Solution

Telecom Base Station Energy Monitoring Solution is designed for power monitor and energy consumption count in Telecom Base Station, Solving the cost-sharing problems, measuring and alarm for residual current and cable temperature, battery monitoring, etc.


Case Study

Battery Monitoring


▸ Built-in Web Server
▸ With Data Management and Data Report
▸ Real-time Monitoring 1~4 Strings, Max. 480pcs Batteries
▸ Data logging for all measuring data for 12 months
▸ Charge and Discharge Current
▸ Internal Temperature, Impedance
▸ String Voltage & Current, Cell Battery Voltage, SOC, SOH (upper limit / lower limit)
▸ Support 4G sending SMS alarm
▸ Auto-balancing

Billing Solution


▸ Small Size – Can be installed at the closest point, integrate into existing space
▸ Easy Installation – Consist of a main module and measure module, connected by PLbus Daisy chain bus topology and RJ12 port, measure module straight insert into the circuit breaker
▸ High Accuracy – Voltage & Current class 0.5, kWh class 1.0
▸ – 48VDC Power Supply – Special design for Telecom BTS application
▸  Wide Measurement Range – Max. support 63A direct connect, no need for extra Hall Sensor or Shunt
▸ Multi-Circuit – Support 12 single phase circuit

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