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Battery Monitoring Solution for Data Center

Dater Center Solution

DFUN TECH, as a battery BMS system solution provider is committed to providing different battery monitoring solutions for different UPS rooms, which is taking the actual situation of the project into account. When it comes to the data center, DFUN TECH offers two solutions. One solution is for the small-scale data center, the other one is for the large-scale data center.

Case Study

PBAT-Gate Battery Monitoring Gateway For Small-scale Data Center


▸ Built-in Web Server
▸ With Data Management and Data Report
▸ Real-time Monitoring 1~4 Strings, Max. 480pcs Batteries
▸ Data logging for all measuring data for 12 months
▸ Charge and Discharge Current
▸ Internal Temperature, Impedance
▸ String Voltage & Current, Cell Battery Voltage, SOC, SOH (upper limit / lower limit)
▸ Support 4G sending SMS alarm
▸ Auto-balancing

PBMS6000 Battery Monitoring Master For Large-scale Data Center


▸ Suitable for Large-scale Data Center, Multi-site and Multi-pole Battery Application ▸ Flexible Application for Max. 6 Strings with Max. 420pcs batteries ▸ Separated String Voltage and String Current Measuring Module, Measure String Ripple Current and Ripple Voltage ▸ Current Ring Communication, any communication failure will not affect other sensors communication ▸ Auto-Sensing for the Battery Sensor’s ID Address ▸ Multi-communication Protocol (MODBUS-TCP, MODBUS-RTU, SNMP)

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