About DFUN

About DFUN

DFUN (ZHUHAI) CO., LTD. was established in April 2013, located in Zhuhai, and has different branches in Nanjing, Guangzhou & Shenzhen. It provides comprehensive hardware & software solutions to customers from all over the world.
As a BMS manufacturer, DFUN Tech has integrated design, production & sales for the product & system, for example, power & environment monitoring system, Battery Monitoring System, Backup Power Management System, Energy Storage System and Energy Meter Series.
Inheriting the concept of quality-oriented and service-prioritized, DFUN Tech always offers the best battery condition monitor to save troubles for the esteemed customer.
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Why Choose DFUN Products & Solutions

20+ Years of Experience

We provide various solutions for energy storage and battery monitoring with unmatched reliability and 20+ years of experience

Long-Term Reliability

We provide you with robust, long-term and highly reliable solutions throughout the product’s lifecycle

Reliable Quality Product

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Commitment to The Future

With our strong technical in energy storage ,energy management and lead-acid battery monitoring fields, we’re committed to energy storage as a megatrend in green energy

Market Distribution

With an international professional sales network, our battery monitor modules have extended to many continents and countries, such as:
Germany, England, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Africa, etc.

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