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Welcome to DFUN (ZHUHAI) CO., LTD.

DFUN (ZHUHAI) CO., LTD. was established in April 2013, located in Zhuhai, and has different branches in Nanjing, Guangzhou & Shenzhen. It provides comprehensive hardware & software solutions to customers from all over the world. As a BMS manufacturer, DFUN Tech has integrated design, production & sales for the product & system, for example, power & environment monitoring system, battery online monitoring system, UPS/EPS monitoring system. Inheriting the concept of quality-oriented and service-prioritized, DFUN Tech always offers the best battery condition monitor to save troubles for the esteemed customer.

Welcome to DFUN (ZHUHAI) CO., LTD.

Battery Monitoring

Battery Monitoring System, as a battery condition monitor, is made for Lead Acid Battery, Ni-Cd Battery, Lead Carbon battery.

Telecom BTS Monitoring

Energy Monitoring and billing in Telecom BTS Tower and provide controller to realize remote control

iUPS Monitoring

Integrated device to monitoring UPS, Battery, Environment, Access, Air-Conditioning, video etc..

Energy Meter

Energy meter includes DIN Rail Energy Meter, Multi-Channel Energy Meter, Remote Load Control Meter, and so on.


DFUN has 3 Production Line: Battery Monitoring System Solution, iUPS Monitoring Solution and Energy Meter. Products has been widely sales to Asia, Europe, South America, Africa etc...


DFUN Tech provides solutions for different fields, such as data center, telecom, power utility, industry etc. We have one-stop solution services, including full automation, multi-level warning, and online remote monitoring. With all these services, more mistakes can be avoided, less risk of accident and cost less, so that customers always have an excellent purchasing experience with us.


  • 03
  • 2020-02

True Internet Data Center

True Internet Data Center (True IDC) is Thailand's leading international data center and cloud services solution provider, priding itself on bringing global partners within reach of Southeast Asian businesses. The company now boasts multiple centers in Bangkok, across Thailand, and other countries in Southeast Asia. Already providing platforms for Amazon Web Services, Google Chromebook,...
  • 15
  • 2019-03

Suvarnabhumi Airport

Suvarnabhumi adopted DFUN PBAT-Gate Battery Monitoring System to realize real-time monitoring the battery’s health and detected the abnormal battery.
  • 09
  • 2019-06

Shanghai Cloud Data Center

DFUN’s Battery Monitoring System is adopted by Shanghai Cloud Data Investment Management Co., Ltd to realize on-line monitoring of battery voltage, charge and discharge current, internal temperature, impedance, SOC, SOH etc. and ensure the reliability and safety of battery.

Award and Certificate

DFUN Tech is qualified with many certificates. Those listed below are company qualifications and product certification, which shows that our battery monitoring system enjoys high quality and reliblibilty.
  • ISO9001 Certificate

  • ISO14001 Certificate

  • CE Certificate

  • ROHS Certificate

Our Clients

Since DFUN Tech always provides the best battery monitoring system for our customers to spare them the bother of battery leakage, liquid level and so on. In this way, we have developed good business relations with many customers such as Walmart, Turkcell, ABB etc.
  • JP JP
  • Vettel Vettel
  • Amara  Amara 
  • Telefonica Telefonica
  • 马来西亚银行 马来西亚银行
  • 中国移动 中国移动
  • Ture IDC Ture IDC
  • Intel Intel
  • Claro Claro
  • walmart walmart
  • Riello Riello
  • turkcell turkcell
  • entel entel
  • 泰国银行 泰国银行

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